Welcome Ramadan

Times are tough right now. Most of us have been cooped up in our houses for more than a month now, going out only for the bare essentials.

Ramadan has always been a month of not just gaining close proximity to God but also about family. When we lived in the UAE, we often met up for iftar at different people's houses. In Canada, we started a new tradition of going to the mosque for iftar. We made lots of friends as we shared homemade treats with complete strangers who happened to sit beside us! Kids looked forward to meeting up with their friends. This had become our Canadian traditon... unfortunately, this Ramadan we will not be able to follow the tradition we had grown so much to love! 

We have decided not to let this bring our spirits down so much! This Ramadan we are getting the gift of the undivided attention of our families! At mosque, the men and women would sit separately so the boys never got to sit with us while eating. This Ramadan we get to enjoy our iftar exclusively with just our family with no distractions.

Let's welcome this blessed month with gratitude for all that we have and remember that our Wali or true friend is God and He never leaves our side! :)


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