What is Kufic Art and Kufesk ?

What is Kufic Art and Kufesk ?

What is Kufic Art?

The remnants of history fill the world with intrigue and as a child, I was drawn towards it. I traveled a lot with my family and experienced many different cultures and the hidden mysteries of their past.

The workmanship of the beautiful architecture in Iraq and the calligraphic art adorning it tells so many stories and is awe inspiring. It has always been my favorite destination and I absolutely fell in love with the Kufic script that is used intricately on the minarets of their many mosques (Kufic comes from the word ‘Kufa’ which is a city close to Bagdad). The graphic requires so much artistry and attention to detail to get it just perfect.

Arabic Language is very different from English – it starts right to left. The type of Kufic script I am drawn to is incredibly unique, as it does not follow this rule and can be written in any direction. It dates back to the 7th century and is one of the first scripts that was used by the Arabs to write the Quran decoratively. Despite its ancient origins, the graphic nature makes it very modern. This is what I love about it – culture infused with modernity.

What is Kufesk?

Kufesk started because of my love for Kufic art and sharing inspirational messagesFor many years, I created art for my family and friends as gifts. People often ask me how I make my art - it is created on a grid and then scaled before being transferred onto the medium I am working with. I work with canvas, wood, cardstock, fabric, acrylic and glass.

I believe that art, just as with anything in life, needs to be intentional. Each piece I create has something inspirational written on it. Custom orders always include a note as a keepsake. 

And of course, you cannot be intentional without thinking of sustainability. With that in mind, Kufesk’s luxury packaging is made either from recyclable materials or is biodegradable. Even the ribbons are created from old bottles!

As an artist, I aspire to give people the opportunity have a piece of art that encourages a conversation not just about what it represents but also how each and every one of us can make a difference to make this world a better place for everyone.

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