Custom Kufic Cushion Covers

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Here is what you need to do to order a custom Kufic Cushion cover:

1. Select the size you would like to order.

2. Select the quantity you would like.

3. Make your payment. 

4. A form will be sent to your email in 2-3 business days to get details of your order (colours, text you would like and any other preference). If you do not receive an email, please write to us at 

5. Wait for us to let you know when your order is ready to be shipped. (Since the cushions are customized and hand designed for you from finish to start, it may take between 3 to 4 weeks so please plan accordingly.)


So how are the cushions made?

a. We receive payment and send you a form. 

b. We send you a draft of the design to approve.

c. The design is sent for digital printing.

d. It is then sent to a seamstress to be quilted and sewn.

e. Once we are happy with the way it turns out, it is shipped to you.